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Thursday, 24 January 2013


1. Making a friend in SST
Purpose - To make a new friend in SST because it is my first day.
Audience - The person whom I want to be friends with.
Context - I did not have any friends as it was my first day so I want to make friends with someone.
Dialogue - "Hi! how are you doing, what is your name?"

2. Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose - To disagree with a teacher that cow has three stomachs.
Audience - The teacher that I want to disagree with.
Context - The teacher said a cow has three stomachs but I disagree and want to offer my opinion.
Dialogue - "Excuse me Sir/Madam a cow actually has one stomach but four stomach compartments."

3. Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose - To ask a stranger for directions to SST.
Audience - The person I want to ask directions.
Context - It is my first day and I do not know the way from the MRT station so I have no choice but to ask a stranger for directions.
Dialogue - "Excuse me, which is the way to SST?"

4. Praising someone's work
Purpose - To praise someone for their beautiful painting.
Audience - The person I want to praise.
Context - I see that this person's artwork is very nice and want to praise him.
Dialogue - "Wow! Your painting is really beautiful!"

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