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Thursday, 24 January 2013


1)Making a friend in SST
   Purpose-So that I will not feel lonely in SST.
   Audience-Sean Lim

   Context-I have difficulty in completing my homework, so I will stay back with him to do homework.

   Example dialogue: "Hi sean"

2)Disagreeing with a teacher

   Purpose-To disagree with a teacher about having more homework.

   Audience-My form teacher

   Context-I do not want to have more homework.

   Example dialogue: "Why must we have more homework?"

3)Asking a stranger for directions

   Purpose-To find directions to a certain place.

   Audience-A stranger

   Context-I do not know where the nearest MRT station.

   Example dialogue:"Do you know where the nearest MRT."

4)Praising someone's work

   Purpose-For doing a good job in their work.

   Audience-The person that I am praising.

   Context-To praise him and acknowledge his effort he put in his work.

   Example dialogue: "Good job!"   

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