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Thursday, 24 January 2013


1)making a friend in sst

purpose-is to be friendly and try to make so new friends in sst.
audience- classmates whom i want to make friends with .
context- being friendly and try to make as many friends as possible in the class and have much conversation with each other. 
example dialogue:"Hi , my name is kang shiqiang , nice to meet you!"

2) disagreeing with a teacher

purpose- is to voice out the problem with the information the teacher gave.
audience-my classmate in the class and the teacher.
context- trying to make sure that the information i gave is right and at the same time have the reason to say that the information the teacher gave is wrong.
example dialogue:" Teacher , i think the inform you have given u is wrong."

3) asking a stranger for directions

purpose- to ask for directions to that place i am heading.
audience- the stranger
context- because i don't know how to go to that place , thus i am asking the stranger whom i think he is know this place well.
example dialogue:"excuse me , do u know how to head to this place?

4) praising someone's work

purpose- to praise and the person's work.
audience- the person whom i am praising.
context- to praise and admire the person's work.
example dialogue:"Wow! You did a good job !

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