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Thursday, 24 January 2013


1. Making a friend in SST
Purpose- To know the person so that we can know each other better.
Audience- The person whom I am making friends with.
Context- It is my first day of school and I do not know anyone in the class, so I have to make a new friend that I can talk to.
Example Dialogue- "Hi there! My name's Li Ying, what's your name?" (Informal)

2. Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose- To disagree with a teacher because I think my answer is correct but the teacher says that it is incorrect.
Audience- The teacher that I am disagreeing with.
Context- The teacher is going through a question and my answer is different from the teacher's, and I think that the answer I wrote is the correct one.
Example Dialogue- "Miss Lee, I think that the answer 90% is wrong. It should be 75%." (Formal)

3. Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose- To ask the stranger which bus to take as I have never been there before.
Audience- The stranger whom I am asking for directions.
Context- I did not know what bus to take to get to my friend's house which was in Tampines, so I had to ask a stranger for directions to which bus to take.
Example Dialogue- "Excuse me, do you know what bus to take to Tampines Street 21?" (Formal)

4. Praising someone's work
Purpose- To praise my friend as she got the highest in the class.
Audience- The person I am praising.
Context- We got our English tests back and the teacher announced that my best friend got the highest in the class for the test.
Example Dialogue- "Congratulations, Maria! You have done a great job!" (Informal)

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