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Saturday, 26 January 2013


1. Making a friend in SST:
Purpose - To make a friend as it is the first day at SST

Audience - Unknown friend whom I chosen to make friends with

Context - As it is the first day of school, I am unfamiliar with the people in the school, so i want to make a friend

Example dialogue - "Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Dawn. What's yours?" (Informal)

2. Disagreeing with a teacher:

Purpose - To clear the air of a question 

Audience - The teacher

Context - I am doubtful of the answer of the teacher as I think my answer makes more sense and is the right answer

Example dialogue - "i don't think that that answer is logical, teacher. Because..." (formal)

3. Asking a stranger for directions:

Purpose - To find the way around this 'stranger' place

Audience - Stranger

Context - To get directions

Example dialogue - "Excuse me, sir. May i ask how do u get to this place?"

4. Praising someone's work:

Purpose - To praise someone's good work

Audience - Friend

Context - To make the person feel proud of her work

Example dialogue - "Good job, my friend!"

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