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Thursday, 24 January 2013



Making a friend in SST...

Purpose:Make a friend in SST

Audience:A yet-to-be friend in SST

Context:I want to make a friend in SST

Dialogue:Hi can I be your friend?

Disagreeing with a teacher...

Purpose:The teacher is wrong

Audience:The teacher

Context:I want to correct the teacher's wrong statement

Dialogue:Teacher, may I point out that you are wrong?

Asking a stranger for directions...

Purpose:Not sure where to go


Context:I want to know how to go to the place I need to go

Dialogue:Excuse me but do you know how to go to Orchard Road?

Praising someone's work...

Purpose:Let the person know that he did a good job


Context:I want to let the person know that he did a good job

Dialogue:Wow!What a nice piece of work you have done there!

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