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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


1. Making a friend in SST
 Purpose: Trying to make a friend in SST
Audience: The person who I want to befriend.
Context: Its my first day in SST and I do not have a friend.
Dialogue: Hi there, my name is Shaun, what's yours? (informal)

2. Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose: Telling the teacher based on your opinion that he is wrong
Audience: Teacher
Context: The teacher was explaining a question and I believe what he said was wrong.
Dialogue: Teacher, I believe your explanation is wrong. (Formal)

3.  Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose: Asking a stranger for help as I have lost my way
Audience: Stranger
Context: I was on my way to East Coast Park when I lost my map, therefore, I had to ask a stranger for help.
Dialogue: Excuse me sir, could you tell me how to get to East Coast Park? (Formal)

4. Praising someone's work
Purpose: Praising my classmate's work which was done well
Audience: Classmate
Context: My classmate had done well for his homework and I wanted to congratulate him.
Dialogue: Good job on your homework. (informal)

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