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Sunday, 27 January 2013


1.  Making a friend in SST
    Purpose - Finding a good friend in SST
    Audience - The person I want to make friend with in SST
    Context - I have no friends in SST and I wanted to find a friend to talk to .
    Dialogue - "Hi , my name is Daris Ker from S1-09 and what is your name ? Do you think is possible that we can be friends ?"

2. Disagreeing with a teacher
    Purpose - To show the teacher that thats not the only way to solve the Maths Problem
    Audience - The entire class and the teacher
    Context - I was showing the teacher another method to solve the Maths Problem
    Dialogue - "Miss Tan , that is not the only way to solve it !!!!!"

3. Asking a stranger for directions
    Purpose - To ask for directions
    Audience - Stranger and myself
    Context - I’m lost
    Dialogue - “Excuse me , do you know how to go to Chinatown Point ?”

4.Praising someone's work
    Purpose - To praise how well the person has done for her work 
    Audience - The person whom you are praising and yourself
    Context - To tell the person how well she done for her work
    Dialogue - "Wow ! Jane that was a very fine piece of art work you have done !

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