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Saturday, 26 January 2013


Making A friend

  • Purpose- To ask Clarissa, my cousins friend to be friend me.
  • Audience- Clarissa
  • Context- She is funny, and likes to smile :D,  (I think that's about it.....) but it was actually a joke as she is my cousin's 'wife' and I'm his 'in-law' in Facebook.
  • Example- "Clarissa, be my friend.    :D"

Disagreeing with a teacher

  • Purpose- To clarify myself
  • Audience- Miss Lim
  • Context- The answer's method
  • Example- "But Miss Lim, I thought that a number line can also have an arrow at the front?"

Asking a stranger for directions (ummmm..... maybe not)

  • Purpose- To find the basketball court for fun.   :D
  • Audience- Clarissa (I did not recognize her back)
  • Context- To find my way around before we need to go there later and can't find it
  • Example- "Umm, excuse me but do you know where the basketball is....  OH HI CLARISSA!!"

Praising someone's work

  • Purpose- To tell Sean that he finally got the answer to a math question.
  • Audience- Sean Lim
  • Context- He had finally got the answer after 4 tries.
  • Example- "Sean, you finally got the answer to this question."

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