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Thursday, 24 January 2013


1) Making a friend in SST
Purpose: To expand my circle of friends and to just have more communication with more people.
Audience: Friend whom I want to make friends with.
Context: It's my first day in school and I do not know anyone so I just want to make a friend to communicate with me.
Example dialogue: "Hi! I'm Johanna, what's your name?" (Informal)

2) Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose: To disagree with a teacher because I think that his answer and concepts are wrong and mine are correct.
Audience: The teacher whom I am disagreeing with.
Context: The teacher is explaining a question but I think his answer and concepts are wrong but mine are correct.
Example dialogue: "Mr Lim, I think your answer is wrong as the answer should be the Earth suffering from global warming instead of the Earth suffering from people littering."  (Formal)

3) Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose: To know the directions to somewhere.
Audience: The stranger whom I am asking for directions
Context: I am alone and I do not know which train to take to Sentosa and therefore, I have to ask a stranger for directions.
Example dialogue: "Hi! Do you know which train to take to Sentosa?" (Informal)

4) Praising someone's work
Purpose: To encourage the person to continue to produce good work.
Audience: The person you are praising.
Context: I read his composition and found it very interesting as it was out of the ordinary.
Example dialogue: "You did great! Keep it up!" (Informal)

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