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Thursday, 24 January 2013


1: making a friend in SST
purpose - to make a new friend in my new school (SST)
audience -the kid I want to befriend 
context -its my very first day in my new school,SST, and I want to befriend somebody .
example dialogue : hi, my name is yong liang ,what's yours ?(informal)

2:Disagreeing with a teacher 
purpose - to try and tell the teacher that he has made a mistake
audience -the teacher I disagree with 
context - the teacher says  that a dog 'miaos' and a cat barks and I disagree with him 
example dialogue : excuse me mr tan I think you have mixed up their cries .(formal)

3:asking a stranger for directions 
purpose - to ask a stranger if he knows where the park is located
audience - the stranger I want to ask directions from 
context -I have forgotten the way to the park and decided to ask a nearby stranger for direction
example dialogue : excuse me sir , do you know the way to the  park ? (formal)

4:praising someone for a job well done
purpose - praising Darie for doing a good job on the project
audience -darie (friend)
context- darie helped finish the project and deserves a praise 
example dialogue :good job on the project ,darie !

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