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Thursday, 24 January 2013

PACC (Kenneth Mah)

1) Making a friend in SST
Purpose - To make a new friend in SST as I did not want to feel left out during the first week of school
Audience - The target(s) as a friend
Context - I am a new student in SST and I want to make some friends
Example Dialogue - "Hi! My name is Kenneth Mah, I am from S1-09. What about you?" (Formal)

2) Disagreeing with a teacher

Purpose - Disagreeing with a teacher to stand up for my point which I felt the concept was right
Audience - The teacher
Context - The teacher said something which I do not agree with and I wanted to stand up for my point
Example Dialogue - "Miss Lim, I disagree! The answer to this question should be 32, not 24." (Formal)

3) Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose - Asking a stranger to find directions to a certain destination
Audience - The stranger(s)
Context - I was lost and needed to find directions to my destination
Example Dialogue - "Excuse me, do you know how do I get to Raffles Place from here?" (Formal)

4) Praising someone's work
Purpose - To praise somebody's work which has been done better than most of us
Audience - The person who I am praising
Context - I felt that his work was great and that he deserved a praise
Example Dialogue - "Wow! James, that sure is an awesome way of presenting your work!" (Informal)

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