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Thursday, 24 January 2013

1)Making a friend in SST
Purpose- To make a new friend in my new school
Audience- the friend
Context- I transferred in to a new school, SST just recently and I met a kind person so I want to befriend him.
Dialogue- "Hi jerry, you seemed very kind, why not let's be friends?"
2)Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose- To express my disagreement with the teacher.
Audience- The teacher
Context- The teacher asked us to gather outside the class but I was stilling packing my bag due to my injured finger. She later told me off for being inefficient so I expressed my point of view.
Dialogue- " But teacher, I did not purposely pack slowly, my finger was hurt previously."
3)Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose- To get the direction 
Audience- The stranger who knows the directions.
Context- I was trying to find out how to get to a particular book shop in a shopping mall so I asked a friendly looking stranger.
Dialogue- "Hi sir, may I ask for directions to POPULAR?"
4)Praising someone's work
Purpose- To make someone accept your praise to him
Audience- The person who you want to praise
Context- I saw how much effort josh had put into his artwork, it looks so beautiful.
Dialogue- “Hey Josh, you’re art work looks fantastic, you must have put in a lot of effort into it.” 

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