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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My reflection on Discourse Features

In this topic, I have learnt more about Ellipsis, Back-channeling, Binomials, Trinomials, Discourse Markers, Hedging, Fronting, Tags and Vague Language. While most of them are used by the speaker, I find this fun and interesting as I like to use small changes in phrases and trick my friends. I find Discourse Markers the best to play around with as they allow me to show a change in direction as to what I am going to speak about. Examples; "However" or "Therefore". My second most used type of Discourse Features would probably be the Vague Language. They add a slight sense of uncertainty and let people know if I am confident of my respond or not. A couple of examples; "Sorta thingy" or "Something so". I find this topic, as an overall, a fun and excellent topic. We can use them in our daily lives to show uncertainty, to shorten a line, to let people acknowledge that we are present, show expression, delay time and change subjects. As I mentioned before, I like to trick my friends using small changes in words and phrases. I believe that I can continue doing that with great ease as my English is expanded.

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