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Monday, 14 January 2013

  I have not actually taken note of the language that I always speak or write. However, ever since I had learned about the different discourse markers, it all changed. It was only then had I realised that there were many names to express what I say or write in my daily life. The many things we say or write are grouped into many different features. It was definitely not easy to remember the various discourse markers.
  There are two different features grouped by the perspective of the user or the feature as the ‘listener’ and ‘speaker’. Another way to group the features is whether it is planned like speeches or if it is unplanned like chatting. I have also learned that english language is much more than just grammar and vocabulary. It is about communication.
  I think that I am able to use them in my daily conversations by communicating according to the discourse features
  Certain people might violently object to give the credits to the person who created these various features as they do no much to us. Therefore, I would strongly object to this corrupted mindset. I feel that this is needed, it is vital, it is important.

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