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Thursday, 24 January 2013

English scenarios

1. Making a friend in SST
Purpose- To make a friend in SST.
Audience- The person who I want to befriend.
Context- It was my first day in SST and I wanted to make some new friends.
Example dialogue- "Hello! My name is Donovan. What is your name?" (informal)

2. Disagreeing with a teacher.
Purpose- To disagree with a teacher.
Audience- The teacher.
Context- My teacher stated a wrong fact and I want to correct her.
Example dialogue- "Miss Tan! I believe you made a mistake." (formal)

3. Asking a stranger for directions.
Purpose- To ask a stranger for directions
Audience- The stranger
Context- I wanted to go to block 143 for my friend's birthday party but I lost my way.
Example dialogue- "Hello sir. Do you know the directions to block 143?" (formal)

4. Praising someone's work.
Purpose- To praise someone's good work
Audience- The person who did the good work.
Context- I saw a friend paint a beautiful picture and I wanted to commend him.
Example dialogue-"Whoa! That is an awesome painting!" (informal)

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  1. 1. Making a friend in SST

    Purpose- To make connection with other people in a new environment
    Audience- A person that i met on the first day of school and befriended him
    Context- Its was the first day of school and I met another guy in my class and befriended him
    Dialogue- " Hi my name is John. Whats Yours?"

    2. Disagreeing with a teacher

    Purpose- To show disagreement with a particular answer or sentence and trying to correct them with my own opinion
    Audience- Mr Lim
    Context- The teacher was going through answers for a test paper but i disagreed with one of them
    Dialogue- " Excuse me Mr Lim, I don't agree with your answer for question nine"

    3. Asking a stranger for directions

    Purpose- To find directions to go to a particular place i want to go to
    Audience- A stranger I am asking directions from
    Context- I was walking along a path when a suddenly realised i had lost my way
    Dialogue- " Sorry Sir, but could you tell me how to get to Ruby MRT?"

    4. Praising someone's work

    Purpose- To give someone credit for his/her good work
    Audience- John
    Context- Seeing one of my friend's work was very good i went forward to praise him
    Dialogue- " Wow John! That a Really nice essay"