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Thursday, 24 January 2013

English PACC

4. Praising Jeron's work.

Purpose- To praise then good work Jeron has done (He helped an Old lady cross the road.)

Audience- JERON

Context- while i was coming home from school, I saw an old lady about to cross the road. Before i was about to dash forward to help, Jeron suddenly appeared and helped the old lady across. I was touched by his actions as what he has done was indeed the right thing.

Dialogue- "Jeron, thanks to you i do not have to sprint that extra few metres... Haha what i am trying to say is that what you are doing is good and you should continue on this good attitude.

3. Asking stranger for directions

Purpose- To ask for directions to Ponyville.

Audience- Random person who walked past me.

Context- I was going to ponyville to visit Axel, my friend. But after hours of walking, i found myself in the middle of nowhere. Then, a man noticed my puzzled looks and came forward to me and offered to help. The Samaritan pointed out heaps of directions and i became even  more puzzled, seeing this, he personally led me to ponyville.

Dialogue- Thank you, stranger, thanks to your kindness, i am now in ponyville!
  1. Disagreeing with the teacher

Purpose- To tell the teacher that I was marked wrongly for one of the questions that i apparently got correct.

Audience- Teacher

 Context- I just got back my math paper and found out while you were going through that you had marked one question wrongly.

Dialogue- I hope you can help me to mend my marks and the question.

1.Making a friend in SST

Purpose- To try to make friends with Bob

Audience- Bob

Context- I am a new student in SST and i am trying to find friends in my new class, so i try to talk to the person sitting beside me (Bob).

Dialogue- Hi my name is Sean, looking forward to our two years, Bob.

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