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Thursday, 24 January 2013

English PACC Scenarios by Nikisha :3

1) Making a Friend in SST
Purpose - Trying to become Gretel's friend
Audience - Gretel Sim
Context - 'I' want to become Gretel's friend on the first day of school at SST.
Example Dialogue - "H-hi, Gretel. Can I be, you know, your friend?" (Informal)

2) Disagreeing with Teacher 
Purpose - Arguing with your teacher.
Audience - Mr Koh, the Science Teacher
Context - Our Science teacher tells us that an egg comes before the chicken in a life cycle of   a chicken while 'I' believe that the chicken comes before an egg.
Example Dialogue - "Mr Koh! You are wrong! The chicken comes before the egg, not the other way round!" (Informal)

3) Asking a Stranger for Directions
Purpose - Asking a stranger for directions to Sunway Veterinary Clinic
Audience - A random person you saw
Context - 'My' pet dog just fell off the balcony and is injured so 'I' have to bring 'my' dog, Duke, to the nearest veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, 'I' do not know where it is so 'I' ask the first person I saw where it is.
Example Dialogue - "Excuse me, sir, but my pet dog is severely injured and I have to bring him to the nearest veterinary clinic, which I believe is Sunway Veterinary Clinic. Do you know where it is?" (Formal)

4) Praising Someone's Work
Purpose - To praise Christabeth for doing well in a Maths test
Audience - Christabeth Leow
Context - Christabeth scored full marks in a Maths test so 'I' want to congratulate her.
Example Dialogue - "Hey Christabeth. Congratulations for the test, you did really well." (Informal)

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