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Monday, 14 January 2013

English Discourse Features Reflection

  I have learnt that discourse features are used everyday in our lives, if we don't use them, communication would be boring and unstable. Without these discourse features certain sentences would not make sense, there will be constant misunderstandings between people and we won't be able to understand the words of others clearly.

  Discourse features, like back-Channel, help us know that we are listening or present, or discourse markers, to tell us that something different is going to happen, or ellipsis, to give us a clue on what the sentence will be about. English isn't just about grammar and vocabulary, English is much more than that, discourse features is also another part that is needed in English.

  I've realised that these things are very significant to our lives, every single part of English. We use them everyday but we do not realise it. They seem like tiny little things that don't seem needed, but if we were to remove them from our daily conversations, we will realise these tiny things is incredibly important. We won't be able to emphasise on certain things, we cannot prove that we are present, there wouldn't be phrases for us to use, communication would be boring.

  We need them, they need us, if we don't use them English will be too boring, too straightforward, too simple. It would just be made up of words and grammar. They have meaning, but there would be no fun in it, everything is similar, we can't have different ways to express ourselves.

  The lessons also taught me more things than I already know about discourse features, like binomials or trinomials, and the many phrases that is within that feature. Another feature that I did not know of was vague language, which teaches me how to be less authoritative.

  After that English lesson, I understood that many words that I use in my daily life is related to discourse features. I realised that just one part of English is so significant and sophisticated. That lesson taught me how common I use them, and how to push myself to a higher level.

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