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Thursday, 24 January 2013

EL CW by Kenneth Kiang Jia Ming

1. Making a friend in SST
Purpose - To not be anti-social and make more connections in a new environment.
Audience - The friend in my class in SST.
Context - I was sitting in the hall, not knowing anyone, so I decided to socialise with the person behind me.
Dialogue - "Hey, my name is Kenneth, what's yours?" "Donovan" (informal)

2. Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose - To state my own opinion to the teacher and let him/her look at things in a different perspective and to let him/her wonder if I'm right.
Audience - Teacher (and possibly the class)
Context - I was listening to the teacher who is teaching us new things about the subject, then I heard something I did not agree with so I raised up my hand and told him/her that I do not agree.
Dialogue - "But I don't think that is right." (formal)

3. Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose - To reach somewhere I don't know where to go.
Audience - Stranger
Context - I needed to reach the Info Hub, so I asked a senior for directions.
Dialogue - "Excuse me, do you know where is the Info Hub?" (formal)

4. Praising someone's work
Purpose - To give the person an encouragement.
Audience - Student in my class
Context - I saw that Axel was doing a good job, so I praised him.
Dialogue - "That's a nice piece of work you did!" (informal)

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