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Thursday, 24 January 2013

EL Classwork

1) Making a friend in SST
   Purpose - To have friends in SST so that I have someone who can help me and so that I will not be                    anti-social
   Audience - The friend
   Context - I was outside the classroom and when we went in, I randomly chose a seat. So I started talking to the person next to me
   Example Dialogue - "Hey, I'm Axel." "Hi, my name is Kenneth!"" (Informal)

2) Disagreeing with a teacher
    Purpose - To let the teacher know what perspective I am thinking in
    Audience - The teacher
    Context - I was listening to the teacher explain about an answer when I heard something which i thought was wrong so I ask the teacher and told him what I thought
    Example Dialogue - "Excuse me Mr Bob, but I don't think what you said was correct." (Formal)

3) Asking a stranger for directions
    Purpose - To know how to get to a particular location
    Audience - A stranger
    Context - I had to pass a worksheet to my math teacher in the staff room. However, I did not know where the staff room was. So I asked a senior where the staff room was
    Example Dialogue - "Excuse me, do you know where the staff room is?" (Formal)

4) Praising someone's work
    Purpose - To give encouragement
    Audience - My friend
    Context - My friend was doing a sketch and it seemed really impressive
    Example Dialogue - " Hey, That's a nice sketch! " (Informal)

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