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Monday, 14 January 2013

discourse marker

I have learnt that everyday in our lives, we use discourse features to talk to each other. When I started this lesson, I did not even know the names and the meaning of the words. English is all about understanding and communicating with each other. After this lesson i have learnt the terms and names we all use for discourse features and when and how we use it.Discoursed features can be used as planned and unplanned language. Unplanned language is when you are chatting with your friends or with family members, planned language is more formal and is when you are talking to someone who is more experience or have more power than you like your boss.

These are some of the names of the discourse feature. The names are ellipsis, back channel, discourse markers etc.We use discourse markers in our everyday lives, for example back channel.When you are talking to someone, you will use back channel to show them you are paying attention. Ellipsis is when you make a sentence shorter or making it into a phrase and the phrase still have the same meaning as the original question. Discourse markers are used when you want to show contrast from the first sentence to the second sentence or mark boundary from the first sentence. this are what i have learnt from the lessons

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