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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Discourse Features

"I'm so happy about it." (Long version: "I'm so happy that your socks are amazing today.") - Ellipsis Reason why this was used: The longer version is too long and it sounds... erm... awkward. "I like a sock." "Yeah." - Back-channel Reason: The whole context is already informal so it would not make sense if the statement was replied with, for example, "Yes, I do like a sock as well." And there also isn't much to reply to a sentence about socks :P "She always asks me who I'm dating everytime I'm on the show and I don't even know why but it gets 5 million views on YouTube." - Discourse Markers. Reason: The start of the sentence obviously highlights a negative point but however, it gets 5 million vies on YouTube, which is a lot so a 'but' was added to mark the positive and negative points in the sentence. Reason why this video is considered unplanned spoken language: It is an interview.
By : Nikisha and Dawn

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