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Monday, 14 January 2013


Discourse features reflections
Before learning discourse features I did not even know that there were such terms in English. Now I found out that there are much more to learn in English other than writing, depicting scenes in oral test, grammar, comprehending and vocabulary. This new skill I learnt is very interesting. I had heard people saying ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ many times and did not know it was trinomials. Now I know discourse features are used all the time in daily life and also that what I say usually during conversations whether it is informal or formal are discourse features.
I use discourse features in daily conversations, for examples when someone is calling me but I am not sure: “You there come here I need to ask u something” I would answer, “Me?” Instead of “Are u calling me?” This is ellipsis or another examples is when I need to say something very quickly I would use ellipsis too
Another example is when you are asking a question: “Do you understand my explanations?” I would reply, “I think so, something like that.” This can be either hedging or vague language.
Another example is when you want to say something good and something bad afterwards or the other way round, this is known as discourse markers: “There will be supplementary today however there will be no homework.”

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