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Monday, 14 January 2013

Discourse features reflection

I have learnt a lot about discourse features such as Ellipsis and Back Channel. Before this lesson, I did not know the names or categories of the words I use in everyday life. But after this fruitful lesson, I learnt so much more about the discourse features of spoken language, example, binomials and trinomials are types of expressions that are fixed in order and the words cannot be changed, like 'pros and cons' cannot be changed into 'cons and pros'. I realised that conversations or dialogues can be unplanned or planned. For example, a chat with a friend you met on the roadside is an unplanned conversation, while a speech you make during an important event is a planned spoken interaction. After this lesson, i can also give some examples of some discourse features of unplanned spoken language. I also learnt that the English language is more than just grammar or vocabulary, it is also about communication. Effective communicators (not like me) use the right genres or text types in any language situations.

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