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Monday, 14 January 2013

Discourse features reflection

1) In these few days , I learnt that we use a certain phrase group , called "discourse features" everyday in normal sentences , although we do not know they exist (before these lessons). There are 8 kinds of discourse features : Ellipsis is when a speaker omits part of a sentence and yet the sentence carries the same meaning . Back-channel refers to to noises and short verbal responses made by the listener to show that he is listening to the speaker .  Binomials and trinomials are pairs or threes of words that are permenantly phrased together to form a separate  meaning. Discourse features mark boundaries in conversations. Hedging helps the speaker beat about the bush. Tags comprise of of with or without with "not" at the end.  
   2) So, from the recent English lesson, I now know that English Discourse Features are needed for English speech, planned or unplanned. 

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