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Monday, 14 January 2013

Discourse Features Reflection - Nikisha :3

        During our lesson on discourse features in the English language, I learnt about... the different discourse features :P
        For example, I learnt the official word for responding to others' statements (eg. "I love Nyan Cat!" "Really?") which is back-channeling :D
        Another one I learnt is ellipsis, which means to shorten a sentence but yet it has the same meaning as the longer version. (eg. Long sentence: I really like Nyan Cat, the cat with a Poptart body and farts rainbows while flying through space. Short sentence: I really like Nyan Cat. Okay, fine this isn't a very good ellipsis but my mind is blank :/) 
        Most of the discourse features are commonly used in sentences, especially back-channeling, ellipsis (Refer to above), and hedging (Using vague replies like 'maybe' 'perhaps' or 'sort of'). These discourse features are especially useful in conversation about Nyan Cat :3 
        So... thank you for bothering to read this whole things and for putting up with my ramblings about Nyan Cat *Trollface* 


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