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Monday, 14 January 2013

discoure features

discoure reflection 
I learnt that: 
Ellipsis(speakers) are used to shorten sentences 
E.G.why is it always me ? >why me

Backchannels(listener) are used to indicate to others that we are listening
E.G.right ,uh huh ,no , really............

binomials and Trinomials(speakers) are expressions in fixed others
E.G."pros and cons","to and fro".........

Discourse markers(speakers) make boundaries in conversations
E.G,despite ,in-spite if .............

Hedging(speakers) is used when a speaker wants to beat about the bushes 
E.G.probably ...........

Fronting(speaker)changing emphasis of sentence by changing order of subjects 
E.g.I  ate the ice cream >the ice cream was eaten by me

Tags(speaker)used to ask a question in a different form
E.G. she didn't had in her homework ,did she?

Vague language(both)used when being imprecise 
E.G.something ,whatever ,around ,probably ,.............

We always use Ellipsis to shorten our sentence to sound casual , back-channels to be polite when listening to others ,binomials and trinomials as idioms and discourse markers to make polite objections ,hedging when we don't want to tell others certain truths ,fronting when we tell other people thing that we don't want others to pay much attention to ,tags to ask certain question ,vague language to sound less authoritative .

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