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Thursday, 24 January 2013

1. making a friend in SST
purpose-making a friend in SST because it was the first day in school
audience-A friend in SST
context-It was the first day in school and I did not have any friends
example dialogue-"Hi,what is your name?"(informal)
2. Disagreeing with a teacher
purpose-Trying to tell the teacher that he was wrong
context-The teacher made a spelling mistake and I wanted to tell him that he was wrong
example dialogue-"Teacher I am sorry to interrupt but that is wrong."(formal)
3. asking a stranger for directions
purpose-I was asking a stranger for direction as I am lost
context-I was going to the zoo but i lost my directions so i asked for help
example dialogue-"Where is the zoo?"(informal)
4. praising someones work
purpose-Praising my brother
audience-My brother
context-My brother scored full marks on a test so I praised him
example dialogue-"Good job brother!"(informal)

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